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Grades 9/10/11 Linear Relations and Analytic Geometry

Linear and non-linear relations. Solving linear equations and linear systems. Analytic geometry and statistics.

This is one of seven strands of the CEMC Grade 9/10/11 courseware. The other strands and more information about this courseware is available on the Grade 9/10/11 homepage.

Unit 1: Linear Equations

This lesson will focus on solving one- and two-step equations involving rational coefficients.  

This lesson will focus on solving multi-step linear equations involving rational coefficients. It will also solve linear equations using cross-multiplication.

This lesson will look at solving linear equations in application based problems. Some examples will have equations given and in others the equation will need to be developed before solving.

This lesson will solve problems algebraically involving rate, ratio, proportion, and percent using cross-multiplication.

This lesson will look at rearranging equations and solving in terms of one variable. It will also rearrange formulas to solve in terms of one variable.

In this lesson, we will learn to solve linear inequalities. We will solve application problems with and without the linear inequality given.

All of the pencil and paper practice exercises, answers, and solutions for this unit are reproduced here.

This is a collection of additional, and sometimes challenging, problems that extend the material covered in this unit, connect material from different lessons, and further explore real-world applications.

Unit 2: Characteristics of Linear Relations

Unit 3: Connecting Various Representations of Linear Relations

Unit 4: Properties of Slope

Unit 5: Equations of Linear Relations and Problem Solving

Unit 6: Solving Linear Systems of Equations

Unit 7: Properties of Line Segments and Using Analytic Geometry to Verify Geometric Properties

Unit 8: Data Management and Statistics