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Grades 9/10/11 Quadratic Relations

Graphs and tables. Standard, factored, and vertex forms. Algebra of quadratic relations. Quadratic equations. Intersections of lines and parabolas.

This is one of seven strands of the CEMC Grade 9/10/11 courseware. The other strands and more information about this courseware is available on the Grade 9/10/11 homepage.

Unit 1: Basic Properties of Quadratic Relations

This lesson introduces quadratic relations to students by examining tables of values and second differences. 

This lesson extends our study of quadratic relations, with an emphasis on using second differences to determine unknown values in a table.

This lesson defines key terms related to parabolas (vertex, zeros, axis of symmetry, etc.) and interprets those terms within a given context.

Students will compare the features of the graphs of ‌\(y=x^2\) and ‌\(y=2^x\).

All of the pencil and paper practice exercises, answers, and solutions for this unit are reproduced here.

This is a collection of additional, and sometimes challenging, problems that extend the material covered in this unit, connect material from different lessons, and further explore real-world applications.

Unit 2: Algebraic Representations of Quadratic Relations

Unit 3: Algebraic Skills

Unit 4: Graphing Quadratic Relations

Unit 5: Solving Problems Involving Quadratic Relations