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Grades 9/10/11 Introduction to Functions

Function notation. Domain and range. Transformations of functions. Inverses of functions. Inequalities, absolute values, and reciprocals.

This is one of seven strands of the CEMC Grade 9/10/11 courseware. The other strands and more information about this courseware is available on the Grade 9/10/11 homepage.

Unit 1: Representing Functions

In this lesson, the concept of a function is introduced. We look at the definition of a function and different ways to represent functions.

In this lesson, function notation is introduced. We also explore concepts previously learned about linear and quadratic functions, now using function notation.

In this lesson, we will define domain and range. Set notation will be introduced and used to describe the domain and range of various functions, including quadratic functions.

In this lesson, we will continue our study of domain and range. The domain and range of square root functions and rational functions will be investigated.

All of the pencil and paper practice exercises, answers, and solutions for this unit are reproduced here.

This is a collection of additional, and sometimes challenging, problems that extend the material covered in this unit, connect material from different lessons, and further explore real-world applications.

Unit 2: Transforming and Graphing Functions

Unit 3: Inverses of Functions

Unit 4: Inequalities, Absolute Values, and Reciprocals